LBL talk

Life Between Lives Talk

LBL talk

Welcome to some pages I am keeping up for the LBL Talk group that is currently meeting every other week on Wednesdays from noon to two o’clock in the Hidden Valley Home-Owners Association clubhouse.

Address: 1615 Coyote Road. For information call me at 928-273-0151 or Lee Ridgway at 928-771-0775.

The meeting describes itself this way:

LBL Talk

Life Between Lives is a topic of great interest to many people, and this biweekly group serves that interest by discussing books and other materials, including our own and others' personal experience, in this area of life. We will read books such as Brian Weiss's Many Lives, Many Masters and listen to near-death experiencers like Anita Moorjani, while also sharing paranormal experiences that we or our friends may have had. Group members need not have had personal encounters with psychic phenomena or the beyond, but should have interest in and be open to those who have.